Workshop: 3D Printing at Macquarie

Anyone who is interested in or currently employing 3D printing and scanning in their work or teaching is invited to join in a 3D Printing at Macquarie Workshop.

What: 3D Printing at Macquarie: Mini Think-Fest
: 3.00 – 4.30pm Friday  11th  September 2015
Where: Room 4.01, Level 4, Library
Registration: Please register by email to

To help inform the discussions and any future progress, we ask that relevant or interested staff please fill in this brief survey, even if unable to attend this workshopClick here to take a brief pre-workshop survey.

Background Information

3D printing and scanning is occurring across campus at Macquarie in a variety of learning, teaching and research applications. This activity is often locally situated and not always easily accessible to the wider University community (students, academic and professional staff) or anyone who has a one-off need.

“Maker spaces” are often established in Libraries to provide a central, shareable learning space where all can access and engage with technologies. It extends the traditional concept of sharing access to equipment (beyond copiers, printers, computers and mobile devices) to enable learners to engage in creative and self-directed design and construction. (2015, NMC horizon report).

The Library, in conjunction with the Learning & Teaching Centre, is facilitating a mini think-fest to look at the opportunities for creating a “maker space” at the University to facilitate access to 3D technologies and promote exploratory use of such technologies. The meeting will explore the questions…

Is there enough commonality and demand to sustain a service at the University for staff and/or students to access 3D scanning and/or printing?

If so, what would this type of space look like, how would it operate (i.e. as an exploratory space or collection service) and where is it best located?

The session will also examine how 3D printing is currently being employed across the University and discuss the challenges and opportunities this technology creates for our sector.