Who do you want to be when you grow up?

As a university we spend a lot of time trying to help our students become “what” they choose to be. But are we doing enough to help them become “who” they want to be?

In this rapidly changing world, will the “what” even be relevant a few years after graduation?  If we flip our approach on its head and spend more time teaching by asking the right questions and nurturing our graduates to be “fuckgivers and not piss-takers” – imagine the world we could create.

You can read my (very sweary) thoughts on the matter over on Vox Populi,

5 thoughts on “Who do you want to be when you grow up?”

  1. Very often the way we imagine ourselves in this world is opposite to the way we find our place in the sociaty. The most challenging here is to remain happy.

  2. Totally inspired by your post and rocked by your TEDx talk Sara. I can feel the Ninja in me, I want to be part of your army!
    You have made me reflect on the old “What are you going to be” and I shall be definitely swapping it for the much more meaningful “Who are you going to be’ when talking to my teenage sons and their friends. Thanks!

  3. The link doesn’t seem to open. It may be a temporary thing, but perhaps worth checking?

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