When it’s this hot …

I’m ruminating on whether our  community spirit springs into action during hot spells like this one.

Multiple social media posts tell us it was 31 degrees at midnight last night.

I was one of the people tossing around and I inadvertently touched my sleeping husband. Unlike his usual calm self he barked at me: “Stay away!”. The heat brings out the best and worst in us.  Luckily I’m clued up on what needs to happen later today:

At Macquarie Uni, someone caught the cockatoos having a hard time of it. Does this make you feel like racing out with a water bowl?

I’m reminded of our lovely water bottle re-fillers which are dotted around campus. And the University actively encourages us to buy a refillable water bottle so that we are environmentally sound.

Have you got a story of how the weather is affecting you, or where you go on campus to stay cool? Tell us about it.

And, as this pic shows, someone is usually out there ready to help.