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What’s On The Menu? – Macquarie’s L&T Technologies, Resources and Support Catalogue is Here!

How do you choose which technology is best to help you with assessments?

What tools do you use to communicate with your students?

Where do you go for training and information on designing interactive lectures?

The central learning design team at the Learning Innovation Hub have curated a catalogue of centrally supported technologies and resources to help you in your teaching practice.

L&T technologies and support menu
L&T technologies and support menu

On this page the technologies and resources are mapped by various areas of teaching practice (i.e. feedback, assessment, communication), where you may need help or want to make changes and improvements (listed on the left). Support, training, quick guides and further information can be found on the right hand side. For workshops and events subscribe to weekly Teche newsletters to not miss out on development and training opportunities.

The catalogue lists technologies and resources available to all Macquarie staff, but faculties or departments may well use additional technologies not listed here. Feel free to contact your Faculty Learning and Teaching teams or the Learning Innovation Hub staff if you require more details, would like to discuss your needs and request guidance on which tools are the right ones for you.

Don’t forget the LibraryWalanga MuruSustainability and other units on campus also provide valuable learning and teaching support and resources!