What In The World Is ‘Permaculture’?

Strategy! Design! Engineering! Management! Gardens?

These words may not usually go together, however in the context of “Permaculture”, they go hand in hand. “Permaculture” is the amalgamation of the words “Permanent agriculture” and refers to a system of agricultural design that aims to maximise benefits to the local environment and people through the improvement of resource efficiency, biodiversity and  landscape synergy.

To find out more, check out the new Permaculture demonstration garden iLearn unit here. (Self-enrolment)

This unit has been created through the combined efforts of Sustainability Officer, Belinda Bean and the Learning Innovation Hub. Experience Belinda’s video tour through the garden, which is located in Building Y1A, behind the Sustainability Cottage.


The goal of the unit is to create an introductory resource about design principles and considerations that go with creating a self-sustaining Permaculture garden that can be easily shared through your website or through your iLearn unit.

Learn more about Macquarie University Sustainability and their awesome work here!