Wearable Technologies’ place in education

Rob Manson’s presentation on Wearable Technologies has drawn much interest from the Macquarie University community eager to discover what the latest technology trends are.

Rob will share his passion in this area during the last day (Thursday 17 September) of Connect More: Learning and Teaching Week 2015.

He is one of a number of keynote speakers presenting during the week and will share his views during his Wearable Technologies and Education – Preparing for a Hyper-connected Future presentation.

“By providing users with hands-free access to contextually relevant information, wearable technologies are poised to inspire a new generation of mobile learning design,” said Rob.

“In order for teachers and learning designers to harness the opportunities of wearable technologies, it’s crucial for them to develop an understanding of their potentials.”

“This symposium helps to prepare educators for the hyper-connected future of wearable technologies.”

Co-founder of the buildAR.com Augmented Reality Content Management System, Rob is no stranger to Macquarie having being part of the Wearable Technologies Summit held on campus last November.

This time round, attendees to Rob’s presentation will hear his views on wearable technologies, the internet and what the implications are for education.

A panel session will follow where the audience can discuss emerging trends, implications and opportunities.

And no doubt the best part of the 40-minute session will be the opportunity to try out a collection of wearable technologies personally.

What you need to know:

Rob Manson’s Wearable Technologies and Education – Preparing for a Hyper-Connected Future is on Thursday 17 September at 9am – 11am, C5C Forum

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