Wearable Technologies in Education Exposé

Join the Learning Technology Research Cluster for their last session of the year in an exposé of how wearable technologies can be used in education. This session will build upon the Learning and Teaching Week Symposium by showing how the technologies work, some apps and the possibilities for use in the classroom.

Listed below are the different technologies and presenters that will be showcased on the day:


  • Google Glass (Brian Ballston-Smith, Natalia Salzberg)
  • VRGear (Nathan Sollars)
  • Muse Headband (John Ellias, Lucy Schott, Sara Richards)
  • Apple Watch (Nathan Sollars)
  • Kubi (Matt Bower)

Date: Monday 7 December
Time: 2pm
Venue: E6A 116
RSVP: Matt Bower, matt.bower@mq.edu.au