Wait a second….. what happened here?

iLearn new theme

Whooooooaaaaa!  Did you see that?

If you’ve logged into iLearn since late Friday night, you might notice some changes.

Macquarie’s new look for iLearn has been launched and the first thing you notice is the changed My Home page after you’ve logged in.  If you aren’t up to speed on the changes, check out our previous blog post here which includes a short video overview.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Any units created in iTeach since Friday night (11 July) , should have the new look (aka theme) applied.  (Exceptions: OUA, MGSM, SIBT, Applied Finance Centre, etc)
  • Any units for Session 2 that were created prior to Friday (11 July) night will have the new theme applied in the near future (details to be confirmed)
  • If you like your Topics un-numbered, the un-numbered version of the theme will be available after the 31 July
  • If you notice any issues please log these either through a OneHelp ticket or by emailing ilearn.help@mq.edu.au
  • Guides and resources have been updated.  PDF version of all guides are being progressively updated.  Check out http://www.mq.edu.au/iLearn/resources/index.htm.