Sherman Young: A Visit to SCIL

I visited the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning  on Friday and was taken on a great tour by Stephen Harris (Principal) and Mark Burgess (Deputy and Learning Activist). Based in the Northern Beaches Christian School, SCIL takes a disruptive approach to K-12 education with the use of innovative learning spaces, blended learning environments (Moodle and EdModo for the most part), BYOD approaches and PBL.

It was great seeing some of our future students (we currently get a dozen or so students from the school starting each year at MQ) working collaboratively on projects in groups with their own screen(s) – whilst teachers provided guidance where needed. Especially when the ‘classrooms’ housed mixed groups of over a hundred students with the collaboration spread to the teachers as well. Check out a video (or 2) here:

It’s worth noting that SCIL no longer has computer labs, and interactive whiteboards are seen as very passé with a model that looks to a  convergence of  physical, pedagogical and virtual spaces (see below). The lecture/tutorial/lab model must seem like a real anachronism to these kids when they get to us 🙂
PVPPHarris, Stephen (2010) The Place of Virtual, Pedagogical and Physical Space in the 21st Century Classroom, SCIL, (