Attention tutors! TIP is changing in 2015.

The Tutoring Induction Program (TIP) is a professional development workshop program for tutors/sessional staff.

TIP was evaluated in 2014, and data gathered from participants and stakeholders revealed that:

  1. TIP is important and in demand: it supports sessional staff and benefits the entire University community
  2. Payment for TIP is essential
  3. TIP should be consistent across Faculties
  4. Administration is confusing and needs to be streamlined
  5. TIP needs to be flexible with face-face and online workshops.
  6. Tutors want more paid professional development please!

Based on all the great feedback and ideas that we received, TIP is being restructured. Session 1 will be a transition phase and will require participants to complete 6 workshops delivered through a combination of face-to-face and online modes. All eligible tutors will be paid upon completion of TIP. For information on eligibility for payment, please contact your department administrator.

Details about Session 2 will be finalised soon. Watch this space to keep up to date on the changes.


To see a list of TIP workshops offered in Session 1 and to register go to:


For information to provide feedback on current and future TIP workshops and sessions, please contact Dr Agnes Bosanquet 


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