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Turnitin upgrade: 5 new features to get excited about!

We’re getting excited about an upgraded Turnitin in iLearn from Thursday 26 May, 2016. Look forward to a smoother setup and some great new features that we have been asking for!

Here are 5 of the best new features:

Submit other file types

You won’t be limited to just Word and PDF if you want to mark online. Students can submit a range of other file types such as Excel or an image file and you can use Grademark to provide online feedback. (Originality check is still only available for assignments submitted as Word or PDF files.)

Submit nothing

Students would like the sound of this one! But no, they still need to do something! Use this feature to provide online feedback for offline assessments such as presentations or practicals. Open a blank template for each student and access all the features in Grademark to give students online feedback in iLearn.

Better rubrics

Access the rubric manager and attach your Grademark rubric while setting up your assignment (rather than waiting for a submission). Students can also view the rubric for their assignment before they submit to guide them on how it will be marked.

Set up EVERYTHING in one screen

Instead of multiple places for different things, assignment settings, dates, rubrics and quickmarks can all be set up in the one screen.


Peermark is a peer review assignment tool and can now be used through Turnitin. We will be running trials of Peermark to see how well this tool will work at Macquarie.

Rest assured, if you don’t need any of these new features you don’t have to use them. You can continue using Turnitin as you always have, but you’ll just notice that some things have become a little more streamlined.

You will need to recreate your Turnitin assignments in iLearn for Session 2, 2016 as old assignments cannot be copied across. There is plenty of support available to help you with this.

Email if you have any questions or would like some help with setting up your Turnitin assignments. Also, stay tuned for details of the iLearn Drop-in Clinic which will run again at the start of Session 2.


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