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Top 5 tips to rule your iLearn unit!

Session 1, 2017 Unit Convenors, are you ready?
Here are five super speedy tips to avoid the highway to the iLearn danger zone…


Welcome Sign


1. Create a Welcome Announcement or Video

A short greeting can quickly and easily present you as a real person on the other side of the screen, rather than the ambiguous distant character.

This small gesture sets the tone for purposeful communication, establishes a trusting environment, and makes it easier to facilitate discourse throughout the session – all critical for any community of inquiry (COI).

Check out some of the example welcome videos from MQ unit convenors across all faculties.

For a DIY version you can use any video recording software or app you prefer (iMovie, Jing, Echo360 Personal Capture, etc. – even your phone!), record at your desk or in a faculty production space (just ask us) or contact your faculty Learning and Teaching Support team ( for advice.


2. Make a Navigation Screencast

A short video capturing your movements around hotspots in your iLearn unit (e.g. unit guide, assessment details, communication channels, weekly content and its regular structure, etc.) quickly provides students with everything they need to know to get started and easily find what they need.

For screencast tools, see:


3. Check Turnitin settings

Double-check the dates for each Turnitin item in your unit, especially if they have been copied from a previous version of your unit. See step 16 in this iLearn Turnitin Guide.

Grading icon4. Get a Gradebook health check today!

Avoid problems with assessment submission, marking, grading tomorrow.

Request a Gradebook consultation via and Bec and Bev will have your Gradebook purring like a kitten before Session 1 kicks off.

Sleeping kitten on top of a laptop computer

Two hands combined to harness love


5. Visit the iLearn Drop-in Clinic

No registration or booking required.

Open weekdays 10am-2pm:

  • February 13-24 in C5A 204
  • February 27 to March 3 in W6B 259

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