Time to get LinkedIn? Profile Clinic for Staff 18 July

Academia.edu is often seen as the academic alternative, but there are also benefits to maintaining a profile on LinkedIn, one of the world’s fastest growing social networks. That’s why the Career and Employment Service are holding a LinkedIn profile review Clinic for staff on Monday 18 July!

Drop in on Monday 18 July 12-2pm in MUSE (Old Library, C7A).

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with 2 new members joining every second.LinkedIn - Image CC License by Martin Gysler https://www.flickr.com/photos/martingysler/ LinkedIn profiles therefore rank highly in google search results, making it a great way to differentiate yourself from other people who share your name.

Did you know you can claim your own unique URL in LinkedIn? This helps your academic profile become more easily found in a google search.

LinkedIn is the best method we know for keeping track of graduates and for helping current and former students to network professionally. Do you receive requests from your students to connect ? Its also a great way to make and manage contacts with professionals who want to engage in our programs (PACE, guest lecturing, mentoring etc).

How to get started

Google “how to set up a LinkedIn profile” and most articles and tutorial videos will have good information to get you started. This article is specifically for academics; it will help you translate a traditional ck-add-slideshares-to-linkedin-profilescholarly CV into the “business” format imposed by LinkedIn. The key is to include rich media related the work you’re doing, for example you can add SlideShare to your LinkedIn profile.

A complete profile will show students your career story in a way they can understand and visualise. You may even find they engage with you more deeply face to face once they’ve read about you online.

If you already have a LinkedIn account but want to use it more effectively, this is article on networking for academia has some good ideas.

Visit the LinkedIn Profile Clinic for Staff, Monday 18th July 12-2pm in MUSE (Old Library, C7A).