Technology, timetabling and Taylorism

meeting…is this the future of the unit convenor role? 

Community of Practice meetings are a chance to take “time out” and consider the changing nature of the unit convenor role in the contemporary context. The use of technology, in both teaching and administration, is obviously a major factor in changing the nature of practice, as is the rapid expansion of student numbers over the last quarter-century, along with the internationalisation of the student cohort and the shift in students’ attitude to education. Regulation and cultures of measurement are increasingly invading the classroom, the curriculum and the everyday practice of teaching and teachers.

In addition to these sectoral developments, Macquarie is now looking towards significant changes in the way units are offered, with the “6X6” proposal for the option of delivering units in six compressed time terms per year.

What are the implications for the work of the unit convenor?

The upcoming meeting of the Unit Convenor Community of Practice (1-2pm, Thursday October 16th) will discuss this question and consider the opportunities and challenges that might arise for unit convenors under the “6X6” proposal.

Unit Convenors perform a vital role in ensuring that Macquarie offers high quality, pedagogically sound and policy-compliant units in its programs.  This is a “grass-roots” leadership role that has been under-recognised relative to its importance to student experience and learning. The LTC’s Unit Convenor Program (UCP), in addition to providing workshops for prospective, new and experienced unit convenors, aims to build a community of practice (CoP) for unit convenors as a way of increasing their capacity and confidence in the unit convenor role. The Unit Convenor CoP offers a meeting-place (actual and virtual) where unit convenors have an opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge of the role in an increasingly complex, diverse, technologically rich, policy-governed and standards-based teaching environment.

All prospective and current unit convenors are most welcome to join the Unit Convenor Community of Practice – lunch is provided (please register to assist catering).

Meeting details:

Unit Convenor Program – Community of Practice meeting
Thursday 16 October, 1-2pm

Facilitator: Cathy Rytmeister

Please register via the LTC Workshops page.

Written by Cathy Rytmeister

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  1. Hi Panos

    What a fantastic initiative to create a CoP to support and develop the very important role of unit convenor.


    1. Thanks Beth – now the challenge is to get people along to meetings to share their experiences and knowledge!

      All welcome – do come along and encourage your colleagues to do the same.


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