UPDATE – it’s working! Technical alert: Turnitin iPad app


We are pleased to advise that Turnitin have released the update to fix the issue with their app.

The Learning Systems Team have also completed testing of the updated app before announcing the release.  Testing has shown that the issue is indeed fixed.

What to do now?  You will need to download the update the app on your iPad.  Go to the app store here.   Sorry to Andriod users, Turnitin only developed an app for iPad.

Happy marking!

Grade AnywhereImage courtesy of Pixabay, http://pixabay.com/en/alert-stop-warning-icon-error-146730/ C0 with Turnitin for iPad (sorry, Turnitin don’t have an app for Android users) continues to have syncing issues.  What this means is that you can happily grade away on your iPad but it won’t feedback your grading to Turnitin or iLearn.  

Turnitin report that it only happens with units of over 300 students but we have seen it in a unit of 80 and heard reports of it happening in units of 60.  This was first reported in September 2014. Read more here.


For this reason, the Grade Anywhere with Turnitin for iPad workshop scheduled for March was cancelled but we will offer it again when the update for the app is released.
Turnitin stated on their website that they expected the app to be ready by early 2015.  We have been talking to their Australian rep to find out an exact ETA,  their Product Lead in the US has said that  the update will be ready in the next few weeks.  However, no exact date was given.
We will keep you informed when we hear any more news.