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Top Tips If You’re New To Teaching (Or Need A Refresher)

[adapted from a previous article by Chris Froissard]

Are you a new member of teaching staff at Macquarie? You may be feeling overwhelmed, in the lead up Session 2, having to familiarise yourself with a new learning platform, a myriad of new educational technologies, and the many policies and customs of your department and faculty. Continue reading Top Tips If You’re New To Teaching (Or Need A Refresher)

Designing and facilitating for external students (Workshop 1 of 2)

Do you have external students in your unit? Do you think that your unit could be better designed for these students? Then why not make some time in early July on Monday 3rd of July and Wednesday 5th July to attend a two-part workshop on Designing and facilitating for external students.

In this first Designing and facilitating for external students (Workshop 1) you will:

  1. Explore and evaluate different learning designs for external students.
  2. Create a design for engagement of external students and evaluation of the unit.
  3. Develop an online activity to support learning for external students.
  4. Apply visual design to support learning for external students.

Don’t forget to bring along a unit and a laptop so you can fully participate in the workshop. Also, don’t worry, lunch is on us, you can come during lunchtime and won’t get hungry!

3 Super Functions Of Echo360’s New Active Learning Platform – What you need to know

From Session 2 2017, Echo360’s upgraded software, Active Learning Platform (ALP), will be available in all units. Over the next few months, the faculties and the Learning Innovation Hub will be running a number of workshops, posts and events to support the adoption of this new software by the teaching community (further details at bottom of article).

“It is a pedagogical tool, not just a classroom recorder.  Instructors love it because they can track student questions and answers. Students are engaging us through the platform in the way we want them to”  Dr. Kem Rogers, University of Western Ontario.

Continue reading 3 Super Functions Of Echo360’s New Active Learning Platform – What you need to know

What is the Learning Innovation Hub?

The Learning Innovation Hub was established in early 2016, after the Learning and Teaching Centre discontinued. The LIH brings to the community many different and diverse skills and resources.

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LTX – Students As Partners – Student Representatives Panel From FBE

For our first Learning and Teaching Exchange (LTX) event of 2017, we launch ‘Students as Partners’ – a series that will run throughout this year. A key strategy initiative in Connected Experiences of the Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework calls us to ‘promote students as partners and co-creators in their formal learning’.

In this LTX we will hear from a panel of student representatives in FBE that deliver feedback in their faculty, at the unit and department level on student experience and engagement – from group-work to teaching. There will also be an opportunity, in the second half of the event, to engage with the panel, so please bring along any burning questions you might have to do with student representation, and its potential in program development and student experience.

A Learning and Teaching Exchange (LTX) is a chance to connect with colleagues to open conversations about new ideas and strategic initiatives in learning and teaching, and practical ways to implement them. LTXs are a free exchange of ideas aimed at promoting communications across the learning and teaching community at Macquarie. The events are primarily aimed at teaching staff looking for practical ideas that are applicable in their own practice, or different ways to approach new strategic directions. Presenters are mostly practitioners who are implementing these new ideas, along with key champions within the community. We encourage a diversity of presenters, try to involve students as much as possible and involve external speakers from time to time. If you have ideas for an LTX, please contact geraldine.timmins@mq.edu.au.

Learning Analytics comes to iLearn

A new learning analytics tool in iLearn is available for session 1. The Moodle Engagement Analytics Plugin (MEAP) tracks which students you deem at risk of falling behind. It allows you to create a customised profile of an “at-risk student” in your unit, send personalised, tailored emails to students that meet that profile. It can also provide you (and your HOD) with a record of what you have done to help your students.

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