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Herding Cats

Following on from Abigail Baker’s cat post, I have a story to share about cats on campus. Excitement was closely followed by nervousness. Young kittens had been spotted under our building, again. A former colleague rescued a kitten from the same location more than 5 years ago, and I have seen numerous litters come and go over the years. Worryingly, ringtail possums live in the nearby shrubs, and I could only imagine the impact ‘Mum Cat’ and her progeny were having on the local wildlife.

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Universities as non-places

Dr Agnes Bosanquet reflects on “Universities as non-places”

MQ sculptureImagine, somewhat like Dorothy or Alice or Bastian, you find yourself in a strange place. You perceive that you are in a university (being overly familiar with such places). But can you tell which university? Or even what country you inhabit? How strong is your sense of place? Continue reading Universities as non-places