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Have you Turnitin-ed??

Recently, the University Discipline Committee received an appeal based on irregularity in the marking process where the assessment mark (based on the quality of the assessment’s content) was released prior to the Turnitin software being used to detect the plagiarism matter.

With the new implementation of the online marking process, the Committee would like to remind all Faculties to ensure (when possible) that Turnitin is utilised prior to the release of a final assessment mark to the student. 

Contact Mitch Parsell with any queries about assessment and using Turnitin.

There’s an app for that….

Image courtesy of Flickr, Chris Waits, http://tinyurl.com/chriswaitsflickrDo you feel like this guy when you have a pile of papers to mark?  Or are you like him (let’s call him Lloyd) and like to mark while out and about?  Or are you like me and been known to drop a pile of assignments into the gutter on a day of torrential rain?  Or do you have a phobia about paper, as the thoroughly modern, sustainability conscientious person that you are?  Do you lose or misplace things (that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach when a student SWEARS they handed in that assignment but you can’t find it anywhere)? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you might be delighted to know there’s an app for that!  Yes, indeed and it’s called Turnitin for iPad.

New TurnItIn iPad app

I just finished marking 17 learning contracts for the Faculty MRes Research Frontiers unit using the new TurnItIn iPad app.

iPad and cat, By Veronica Belmont https://www.flickr.com/photos/earlysound/

I must say it was an enjoyable experience marking while sitting on the balcony in the breeze.

It took essentially no time to learn how to use the app, the layout is great and there was no lag as I was connecting directly to TurnItIn and not going through iLearn. The app does suffer the usual draw backs associated with text rich stuff on the iPad – for me the main problem is getting the cursor in the right place to edit. Still, I was thoroughly impressed. It’s fast, easy and mobile – well worth a trial! As this is my first use, I will check how it looks on the big screen and report back.

From Mitch Parsell, Associate Dean Learning & Teaching, Faculty of Human Sciences