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Learning Skills gearing up for Session 3

Learning Skills will be running services for your students throughout Session 3.  Here’s what we’re offering:

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Reminder to post a reminder

Recently, I was talking with a colleague about reminders.   Reminding ourselves to do something, reminding students when a task is due and generally how we now rely on ourselves less and less to remember dates, events, appointments and of course when something is due.  The prevalence of technology as our personal assistant means our brain is less exercised in this area and you know what they say ‘use it or lose it’.  OK, that might be extreme and the previous sentence is grounded in no research or study whatsoever, it just seems logical to assume.

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Language matters…

LSWritten by Alice Lee, Learning Skills Adviser

Language matters….especially when you are marking written assignments and trying to make sense of what students want to say. If your students are having trouble expressing themselves clearly and accurately, why not refer them to the Session 2 Academic Language workshops offered by Learning Skills? Upcoming topics include Building More Accurate Sentences, Writing Clearer Sentences, Linking Your Ideas Clearly, and Focus on Verb Tenses.

For more information, email: learningskills@mq.edu.au

Is there a short cut to academic success?

Of course not. Your students have to work hard for their marks. However, there are ways for them to take better control of their studies.

Learning Skills workshops start in Week 1 of Session 2 and offer students a chance to develop their study strategies.

The upcoming Session 2 general workshops cover Study Essentials, Assignment Writing, Incorporating Sources, and Academic Language (including grammar and vocabulary). There is also a series of workshops for postgraduate coursework students. There’s no need for students to register for the workshops. They can just show up on the day.

So before your students get stuck or off track on their assignments, why not let them know how they can get into the driver’s seat?