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A fresh approach to an age-old problem

Ancient History academic, Dr Alex Woods recognized a problem and a pattern with undergrads and she decided to do something about it.

Reflecting on her experience of previous teaching of 100 and 200 level Ancient History units, Alex found that a large amount of queries from students were questions about basic information which could have been answered if the students had turned to the Unit Guide.  Several teaching staff, not just Unit Convenors were receiving up to 15 emails a day from students asking questions such as What text book do I need? When is the assessment due again?  And how much is it worth? Through to asking how to contact teaching staff and what are the late penalties for submitting after the due date?

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Exchange: Session 3 Tips

The November 11th iLearn Exchange looked at intensive or compressed curriculum and stimulated some great discussion. Dr Peter Keegan outlined the approach Ancient History has taken in Session 3 units. Ms Scarlet An talked about the FBE ‘KickStart‘ initiative and working with convenors on developing intensive units. Thank you, Peter and Scarlet!

Dr Peter Keegan, Ancient History

The unit that Peter used as an illustration is a ‘Planet’ unit that is 1st year or level 1. In session 3, it has between 250-300 students. One convenor manages and marks the unit.

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Reminder to post a reminder

Recently, I was talking with a colleague about reminders.   Reminding ourselves to do something, reminding students when a task is due and generally how we now rely on ourselves less and less to remember dates, events, appointments and of course when something is due.  The prevalence of technology as our personal assistant means our brain is less exercised in this area and you know what they say ‘use it or lose it’.  OK, that might be extreme and the previous sentence is grounded in no research or study whatsoever, it just seems logical to assume.

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PACE Collaborates at ACEN 2014

It was all about ‘Work Integrated Learning: Building Capacity’ at ACEN, Australia’s recent national conference, held on the Gold Coast from 29 September -3 October 2014.  Macquarie  University fielded a team of PACE researchers and practitioners across a range of disciplines.  Our Faculty of Business and Economics (FOBE) representatives for PACE included Dr Leanne Carter (Director), Diana Caruso (Manager), Ashleigh Cassilles (Senior Administrator) and Chris Bilsland (adjunct unit convenor and PhD research candidate).

Job And Education Computer Keys Showing Choice Of Working Or Studying

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Turn ideas into reality…

Throughout the year, your teaching will have stirred your students’ creative juices – and provoked ideas for new products, services or applications… so what now? How can you support your students to take that next step?

Macquarie is holding its inaugural Macquarie University Business Model Competition. Tell your students about it and encourage them to submit their ideas – the best entries will have the chance to compete at the 2015 International Business Model Competition at Stanford University!

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KickStart – the next phase

Launched in 2014, the KickStart project has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 12 months. Brainchild of Prof Leigh Wood, Associate Dean L&T (FBE) and project managed by Dr Yvonne Breyer, L&T Director (FBE) the project started off with a two pronged objective: firstly, to allow students to get a feel for what they will be studying for the next 13 weeks; and secondly, to build connections between their prior knowledge and the course content, allowing them to contextualise the learning outcomes. The KickStart motto is: Plan – Prepare – Participate.

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Using Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) to connect with students

“After my class I was walking with some of my students back to my office. On my way there they were telling me how they had understood the model that I showed them in class when Mary, a PAL leader, had explained it to them. Perhaps it was because Mary explained it better than me, or perhaps it is because it would have been the third time the student had heard an explanation about the model, or maybe it was just the PAL classroom environment that had helped. Something there helped! Knowing this I thought it would be a good idea to then have the PAL leaders explain the model, I would film this and then make it available on iLearn. I then made an announcement to all my students telling them that I had made this video available. I am hoping that the explanation in the video would have helped them understand this concept”. (Dr. Mauricio Marrone, Unit Convenor, Accounting Information System”).

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10 things Merit Scholars want their lecturers to know about engagement

An undisputed highlight of this year’s Learning and Teaching Week was students Daniel Sturman, Rochelle Martin, Cindy Huang and Timothy Zhang taking the stage for the Merit Scholars Panel (chaired by Georgia Scapens).  Taking their cue from a recent ‘social investigation’ of student engagement at Macquarie, the four Merit Scholars spoke persuasively and candidly about what worked for them – and what didn’t.

Here are some of their most memorable insights for Macquarie academics:

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Building Connections: KickStart at #mqltweek

Have you heard about KickStart, the new program developed by FBE and rolling out in trials across the University? During Learning & Teaching Week 2014, Yvonne Breyer and Mauricio Marrone will be walking you through the project, discussing their efforts to engage students right from the beginning of their course and give them the best possible start.

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