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H-E-L-P!! Student iLearn Help

Oh, it’s that awful feeling.  Your inbox is inundated with emails from students.  Something is wrong with iLearn!!  I don’t know how to submit my assignment to Turnitin!  Where are my grades?  How do I use the forum??   Stress is rising, you can feel it creeping up your back…. but relax, you don’t have to be tech support for your students but you can be the conduit by pointing out to your students where they can go for iLearn help.

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iLearn-ing and signposting – the search for pattern

Have you thought about the visual design of your iLearn unit and its impact on your students and their learning?

As with all types of design, there are good and bad, and online learning is certainly not exempt.  Take a moment to consider the experience of students.  They take up to four units a session, all iLearn units being designed in a way that is the wont of the Convenor.  This means that in most cases, units will all have their own particular design.  Now this is not a problem but spare a thought for the student trying to navigate through completely different layouts of their online units.  Continue reading iLearn-ing and signposting – the search for pattern

“What’s a Grade Item again?” and other Gradebook dilemmas!

alex_thackrayWith Session 2 nearly here, it’s time to set up your iLearn Gradebook.  We asked Alex Thackray, Educational Designer from Faculty of Business and Economics, for some tips on making this process as smooth possible:

Gradebook has its own unique terminology and is a powerful tool with many possibilities, so attending a workshop is essential to understand how it works or to refresh your knowledge.

Have a go at setting up your Gradebook early in the session – preferably as soon as possible after training so it’s fresh in mind.  You can attend iLearn drop in clinic or make an appointment with your faculty’s Educational Designer to ask questions and double check everything’s correctly set up. Doing this well before marking begins will help you avoid that last minute panic!

There’s a comprehensive set of online guides to Gradebook covering a range of common scenarios with step by step instructions – this is a good link for your Bookmarks.

Another top tip is to add test students to your unit once your set up is complete. It’s a handy way to reassure yourself that your calculations are all working correctly.

So, there you have it.  We look forward to helping with your Gradebook set up at the drop-in clinic. Don’t forget to bring along your Unit Guide!

Interview with OLT Fellowship Winner Marina Harvey

Teche speaks with Dr Marina Harvey, Academic Developer in the LTC, who has recently been announced as a successful recipient of a 2014 OLT National Teaching Fellowship for her work on sessional staff issues.

Marina, tell us a bit about how your research surrounding sessional staff began.

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Quality learning and teaching with sessional staff – do you want to know more?

Dr Marina Harvey reflects on a recent project

ltc_staff_pics_marina_harveyFollowing a two year OLT funded project on sessional staff (BLASST.edu.au) including a national summit with participants from 40 higher education institutions, key presentations and research papers were developed into a special edition of a journal. I believe that this is the first such special edition of a journal devoted to a focus on quality learning and teaching with sessional staff. If you have ever wondered about:

  • who and how many sessional staff teach in our universities – read the article by May et al,
  • what innovations have been trialled overseas and with what effect – read Bryson’s or Sutherland and Gilbert’s contribution,
  • what innovations have been developed in Australia – five articles cover this.

Volume 10, Issue 3 (2013) Setting the standard: Quality Learning and Teaching with Sessional Staff