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Greening iLearn Resources

After considering sustainabilty issues, the PDF versions of iLearn Quick Guides and Info Sheets have been removed from the mq.edu.au/ilearn website​.   The web pages still exist, it is just the PDFs that are no longer there.
The concerns that informed this change were:
  • low number of downloads of the PDFs (the stats for 2013 and 2014 were reviewed)
  • aligning with the Macquarie University sustainability policy
  • the lifetime of the printed resource in view of the iLearn upgrades
  • time and resources needed to update the vast amount of quick guides and info sheets
print this page button will be added to the web pages, also any web page can be printed through the tools bar in your web browser or right clicking on the screen of what you want to print.

The sky is not falling.

I’ve come across this great blog post and video on historical claims of ‘This will revolutionize education’, which is often associated with claims that the role of the teacher will become redundant.   This is something that I have come across often in the roll out of a few new technologies  in my time at Macquarie.   Teaching staff can often question their place in the fast changing pace of educational technologies. Continue reading The sky is not falling.

Reminder to post a reminder

Recently, I was talking with a colleague about reminders.   Reminding ourselves to do something, reminding students when a task is due and generally how we now rely on ourselves less and less to remember dates, events, appointments and of course when something is due.  The prevalence of technology as our personal assistant means our brain is less exercised in this area and you know what they say ‘use it or lose it’.  OK, that might be extreme and the previous sentence is grounded in no research or study whatsoever, it just seems logical to assume.

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Heads up – iLearn Scales

At Macquarie, three of the current four faculties are moving to full use of iLearn’s Gradebook to store and return grades to students. However, each department and faculty may have their own guidelines as to how the grades are returned (ie. some students have their grades returned as the MQ Grade descriptors rather than the raw, numerical grade).
One tweaking of a cliché that I like to use is that with iLearn, there are many roads that lead to Rome, meaning there are many ways of doing the same thing.  Returning MQ Grade descriptors to students is one example.  You can use Letters or a Scale.  Our strong recommendation is to use Letters for this purpose.

2014 Staff and Student iLearn Experience Surveys

iLearn_during_survey_2014We are seeking feedback on staff and student experience of iLearn. This year we have introduced a new layout and enhanced navigation, mobile compatibility, as well as many improvements to the functionality. We are currently seeking feedback so that we can continue to provide a positive and effective experience for all.

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New! Online iLearn Gradebook Training – Are you excited?

I hope that you are as excited as I am!

The Learning and Teaching Centre is pleased to announce online training in iLearn’s Gradebook.

With three Faculties moving toward full use of iLearn’s Gradebook to store, calculate and return grades to students, demand for Gradebook training is on the rise.   While we offer numerous face to face training sessions, we now  offer staff the chance to learn how to use the Gradebook at a time and place that is convenient for the individual.

Are you sessional?  Don’t get to campus much?  Do you teach OUA units?  Just can’t seem to find time to make it to a face to face workshop?  Then this online unit is for you.  Whether you are a Unit Convenor, Lecturer, Tutor, Teaching Assistant or Professional staff, this unit is suitable for all levels and is the equivalent of our face to face training.

The design is clear, easy to follow and you will be an expert in iLearn Gradebook functionality in no time at all.  To find out more or to register, go to the registration page on LTCs Workshops Booking page.

How brave are we? Laying down the challenge at #mqltweek

As you’re no doubt aware, Macquarie is undergoing a period of organisational renewal, under the banner of A Framing of Futures. During this process, the University is casting its eyes towards the future, challenging each of us with the question: who do we want to be?

Under the auspices of this lofty inquiry, DVC (Academic ) Professor John Simons and PVC (Learning, Teaching and Diversity) Professor Sherman Young took to the stage to open Learning & Teaching Week 2014, in their much anticipated update on the development of a new Learning & Teaching Plan.

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