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Start of Session 1 Staff Drinks

Welcome back for the start of Session 1!

You may have already had a faculty shindig or two but how about we get together for an all-staff, cross-faculty ‘Start of Session 1’ meet up?

Are you new to Macquarie and want to meet other staff members? Feeling the need to be more social? Want to meet people from other faculties? Just happy to make it through Week 1?

Meet us at the U-Bar

Friday 10 March, 2017

From 4pm (Happy Hour is 4:30-6:30)

We’ll have a section just to ourselves, in the ‘grass/beer garden’ area. Pop it in the diary – hope to see you there!

Celebrating sessional teaching excellence at Macquarie

Congratulations to three of our very best sessional staff who have been recognised in the inaugural Tutoring Induction Program Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. How do Chi Lo, Anthony Winning, and Kate Hardwick engage students in their classrooms through innovative and impactful practices? Continue reading Celebrating sessional teaching excellence at Macquarie

SASU are a BLASST (winner)

The second national leadership summit on quality learning and teaching with sessional staff was hosted at Macquarie University on Friday 10 April. With representatives from 35 institutions, including the Office for Learning and Teaching and a director from TEQSA, the atmosphere on the day was vibrant. Following the keynotes, Pecha Kuchas introduced the finalists in the National BLASST Good Practice Awards.

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Is university a lottery ticket?

Drs Vanessa Fredericks and Marina Harvey with Professor Guy Standing
Drs Vanessa Fredericks and Marina Harvey with Professor Guy Standing

Members of the BLASST team recently heard Professor Guy Standing (Professor of Development, University of London) speak at a public lecture hosted by the Centre for Workforce Futures. Promoting a new vocabulary of the “precariat”, Standing extends its original meaning of “temporary or seasonal workers” as he elaborates on labour security.

Sessional academics are part of this precariat, and so they may lack a “secure work-based identity” and suffer from “status discord” (Standing’s words), i.e. having high levels of formal education but accepting jobs on low incomes. Indeed, he spoke of university as a lottery ticket, describing the growth in precariat, or sessional, positions as a new core and a new norm.

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UPDATE – it’s working! Technical alert: Turnitin iPad app


We are pleased to advise that Turnitin have released the update to fix the issue with their app.

The Learning Systems Team have also completed testing of the updated app before announcing the release.  Testing has shown that the issue is indeed fixed.

What to do now?  You will need to download the update the app on your iPad.  Go to the app store here.   Sorry to Andriod users, Turnitin only developed an app for iPad.

Happy marking!

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iLearn Drop-in clinic success

Friday 27th Feb, 3pm saw the iLearn Drop-in clinic for Session 1 come to a close.

During the three weeks it ran, we saw a total of 201 staff members come through the doors and a few students too!

We had the usual gamut of questions, from how to set up an iLearn unit for the new session, to creating unit guides, making quizzes, setting up groups and the gradebook.  No question too small, question too big.

One thing I personally love about the drop-in clinics are that they take on a social aspect. Continue reading iLearn Drop-in clinic success

Are you a digital hoarder?

Recently, I read an article about digital hoarding  (can’t remember Samuel Ritchie-Russellwhere though). I have to admit, I save emails I don’t really need to – just in case – and the number of photos I have on my smart phone…. (mainly of my hairy child, Samuel – here’s one for you).  It made me think about the number of iLearn units that I have seen with content still labelled Blackboard or Moodle Migration Report from the migration in 2011, and unit guides (hidden of course) from the 1970s. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a touch, but you get the idea.

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