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New Online Unit Moderation Report for 2017

In week 7 of Session 1 2017 the Arts Faculty is moving to a new Online Unit Moderation Report.
As you know, the new Assessment policy explicitly states:
“Moderation will occur at all stages of the assessment life-cycle, including unit planning, task design of the assessment regime, standards, pre-marking, post-marking and evaluation.”
To support convenors in undertaking moderation throughout the assessment life-cycle, an Online Unit Moderation Report was made available to unit convenors in session 2 2016. This has now been replaced by the new Online Unit Moderation report. You will see that the interface has changed and your feedback regarding the Qualtrix trial has been incorporated into the new report. These improvements include a more streamlined screen design, removal of dates, and a simpler process to log in and publish reports.
You can now access the new Online Unit Moderation Report. To do so,
  1. Go to the Quicklinks block (top right-hand side of all Faculty of Arts iLearn units)
  2. Select the Teaching Support (staff only) link. You will need to log in using your OneID user name and password.
  3. Scroll down to the Online Unit moderation report section to access both the links to your Online Unit Moderation Report and resources.
  4. When you access the report for the first time you must select your department and the units you are convening for 2017.
To see how to log in,
  1. Go to the Link to Resources and click.
  2. Scroll down to the Convenor Guide for the Online Moderation Report link.
We hope that you find the new Online Unit Moderation Report simple to use, and a useful tool in helping you to engage in moderation throughout the assessment life-cycle of your units of study.
For any technical questions, please contact Chris Froissard by
Telephone: 9850 4097

Email: artslandt@mq.edu.au