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Cats on campus?

After the robust discussion around dogs at work sparked by Rebecca Ritchie’s post a few months ago, I thought it was only right that the other half of the population also get to have their say. That’s right – I’m talking about cat people. (And no, I’m not talking about a Doctor Who-esque human-feline hybrid, but those of us who prefer that winning combination of aloofness and unexpected pouncing in our furry friends.)

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Easy ways to manage copyright

There are a number of statutory licences and exceptions that exist under the Australian Copyright Act that allow us to use other people’s material for educational purposes, without having to seek the permission of the copyright owner. However, these licences and exceptions can be tricky to apply and can limit what can be done with the material – not to mention that we pay for uses under the statutory licences.
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Copyright and Education

Good academic practice includes understanding how you can utilise other people’s material in your lessons and the practical alternatives available when you are stuck. This makes copyright fundamental to what you do.

 Many people cringe at hearing the word and that is understandable as copyright can be tricky. However, copyright principles can also be simple and in most cases educators can do a lot more than they realise.


Learn more about Copyright by downloading the “Copyright and Education slides  .

This presentation sets out the basics – it explains what copyright is and talks about the special provisions that exist in Australia to enable educational institutions to use other people’s copyright material without having to seek permission. It also includes some smart tips on managing copyright in the digital age.

Written by  Sylvie Saab, Executive Information Policy Officer, Library