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What Are My Students Up To? Learning Analytics in iLearn – Session 2 (Encore performance)

For those that missed this workshop on the 24th of July, here is the encore performance.

This workshop will introduce you to the new learning analytics plugin in iLearn the Moodle Engagement Analytics Plugin (MEAP).

Once you complete the workshop you will be able to use MEAP in your unit for session 2.

The workshop will cover:

  1. Exploring the research on MEAP and learning analytics
  2. Understanding how MEAP works
  3. Developing a student “at-risk” profile
  4. Writing and composing messages

NB: So that MEAP is available in your unit during the workshop, please email chris.froissard@mq.edu.au and let him know your unit for session 2.

Innovative methodologies to increase engagement in CSCL

Many researchers argue that students must be meaningfully engaged in the learning resources for effective learning to occur. However, current online learners still report a problematic lack of attractive and challenging learning resources that engage them in the learning process. This endemic problem is even more evident in online collaborative learning (CSCL) approaches whose resources lack of authentic interactivity, user empowerment, social identity and challenge, thus having a negative effect on learners’ self-motivation and engagement.

This talk will address some specific methodologies to overcome these and other limitations found in CSCL, based on both highly interactive systems and innovative learning strategies, such as learning analytics, gamification and emotional awareness. Further, the knowledge extracted from the collaborative interaction is used to assess participation behaviour, knowledge building and performance in order to provide effective feedback and evaluation of the collaborative process. Experiences gained from applying these methodologies to real contexts of CSCL will be shown and discussed.

santi caballe
santi caballe

Dr. Santi Caballe is an Associate Professor and Researcher as well as an Accredited Full Professor at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Barcelona, Spain. He is affiliated with the Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications of the UOC, where he teaches on-line courses in the area of Software Engineering and conducts research activity on e-Learning, Distributed Computing and Software Engineering.

3 Super Functions Of Echo360’s New Active Learning Platform – What you need to know

From Session 2 2017, Echo360’s upgraded software, Active Learning Platform (ALP), will be available in all units. Over the next few months, the faculties and the Learning Innovation Hub will be running a number of workshops, posts and events to support the adoption of this new software by the teaching community (further details at bottom of article).

“It is a pedagogical tool, not just a classroom recorder.  Instructors love it because they can track student questions and answers. Students are engaging us through the platform in the way we want them to”  Dr. Kem Rogers, University of Western Ontario.

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Learning Analytics comes to iLearn

A new learning analytics tool in iLearn is available for session 1. The Moodle Engagement Analytics Plugin (MEAP) tracks which students you deem at risk of falling behind. It allows you to create a customised profile of an “at-risk student” in your unit, send personalised, tailored emails to students that meet that profile. It can also provide you (and your HOD) with a record of what you have done to help your students.

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Understanding student behaviours in iLearn with Learning Analytics

Have you often wondered what your students were up to in the maze that is iLearn? There are so many things to keep track of! Students spending time (or not) on iLearn. Students submitting assignments on time (or not). Students responding to forums posts (or not). Students doing well in assignments (or not). Continue reading Understanding student behaviours in iLearn with Learning Analytics

The Learning Technologies and Spaces Roadmap, 2017-2020

In late 2015 Professor Sherman Young launched the Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework, Learning for the Future. Point 1.3.1 of Learning for the Future calls for the creation of a “roadmap for the development of spaces and technologies”.

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What’s happening under the hood (of my iLearn site)?

At the end of the session, unit convenors ask themselves, how did my students do in the unit, and how can I improve it for next time? Of course, they have access to grades, anecdotal feedback from tutors and students and various survey instruments such as LEUs. However, using Reports they can also see what is going on under the “hood” of their iLearn site. The Reports section in the Toolbar of iLearn can give convenors access to reports and data that can tell them how students are using resources and navigating throughout the site.

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What’s been happening in learning analytics?-(Part 1)

I was fortunate enough to be supported by Macquarie University as part of a professional development grant to attend the Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference in Edinburgh during April (LAK16).

It’s always difficult to summarise in a short article the numerous ideas that researchers, practitioners and technologists presented over the 2 days of workshops and 3 days of the conference, however, this is what stood out for me and I think may be of interest.

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