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Supporting Post-Doctoral Fellows in HDR Supervision

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In some disciplines, post-doctoral fellows are co-supervisors of Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates. The convenor of Macquarie University’s Supervision Enhancement Program (SEP), Associate Professor Merilyn Childs, is keen to establish a strategy with and for post-doctoral fellows that focuses on supervision as an aspect of their career development.

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Help! My student can’t write!

Writing matters and HDR supervision

By Claire Aitchison, Senior Lecturer, Learning and Teaching Centre

Frustrated_man_at_a_deskIt’s likely, that, at some time or another, you’ve heard an academic colleague express this sentiment. People hold very strong feelings about writing – and one person’s views are not necessarily shared by others. For example, what is considered convoluted and overly referenced in one discipline, may be considered quite normal in another.

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How is your PhD student doing?

Photo by Mike Catabay, LTC, Macquarie University

The LTC and the Department of Education are conducting research on the role of social support in doctoral education.

PhD candidates at any stage of their study are invited  to participate in focus groups and/or one-on-one interviews. A monetary incentive is provided to each participant for each session.

The findings will propose guidelines for support services and practices in doctoral education, in order to enhance the HDR experience.

Tell your PhD student about this study!

Click for more details and to sign up  or email Lilia Mantai lilia.mantai@mq.edu.au