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Heads up – iLearn Scales

At Macquarie, three of the current four faculties are moving to full use of iLearn’s Gradebook to store and return grades to students. However, each department and faculty may have their own guidelines as to how the grades are returned (ie. some students have their grades returned as the MQ Grade descriptors rather than the raw, numerical grade).
One tweaking of a cliché that I like to use is that with iLearn, there are many roads that lead to Rome, meaning there are many ways of doing the same thing.  Returning MQ Grade descriptors to students is one example.  You can use Letters or a Scale.  Our strong recommendation is to use Letters for this purpose.

Learn more about how iLearn can help YOU! iLearn Exchange Tuesday 12 August 12-1pm in E6A116


Faculty of Human Sciences iLearn Exchange  Tuesday 12 August 12-1pm    E6A116

  • How can Gradebook (iLearn) and Grademark (Turnitin) help you to grade assessment tasks and provide feedback to your students?
  • How can you use iLearn to flip your classroom?
  • How can student alumni contribute to the learning experience of your current cohorts?
  • How can you use iLearn to build a reflective online community of learning?

These questions will be answered at the Human Sciences iLearn Exchange. Come along and get some helpful tips on electronic marking. And see how your colleagues have used iLearn to flip their classroom and to build online communities of learning. Interested people can enrol here :

“What’s a Grade Item again?” and other Gradebook dilemmas!

alex_thackrayWith Session 2 nearly here, it’s time to set up your iLearn Gradebook.  We asked Alex Thackray, Educational Designer from Faculty of Business and Economics, for some tips on making this process as smooth possible:

Gradebook has its own unique terminology and is a powerful tool with many possibilities, so attending a workshop is essential to understand how it works or to refresh your knowledge.

Have a go at setting up your Gradebook early in the session – preferably as soon as possible after training so it’s fresh in mind.  You can attend iLearn drop in clinic or make an appointment with your faculty’s Educational Designer to ask questions and double check everything’s correctly set up. Doing this well before marking begins will help you avoid that last minute panic!

There’s a comprehensive set of online guides to Gradebook covering a range of common scenarios with step by step instructions – this is a good link for your Bookmarks.

Another top tip is to add test students to your unit once your set up is complete. It’s a handy way to reassure yourself that your calculations are all working correctly.

So, there you have it.  We look forward to helping with your Gradebook set up at the drop-in clinic. Don’t forget to bring along your Unit Guide!