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September Senate Summary: The Top 5 Issues

Academics are, on the whole, excellent communicators. We hone our communication skills over thousands of hours; crafting research papers, articulating our ideas at conferences, mentoring our students, and engaging in the performance art of lecturing. So one might ask “when it comes to some of the really big academic decisions we make as an institution, why is it that we are not good at getting an effective message out there and engaging in a much broader open discussion of principle and practice?”

At least part of this is a function of available time. With so many pressing issues at hand, not to mention the ever-present round of meetings, it can be hard to prioritise the time necessary to engage fully in this communication process. But that isn’t the whole story.

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Shape the future of the University Medal: Take the Survey

The University Medal has traditionally been the most prestigious award we’ve bestowed upon our undergraduate students. Beyond its academic importance, this is an honour that carries with it great cultural significance in Australian society. Some might say that it is not simply an award; it is a cultural icon for which we carry the responsibility of custodianship.

In the past, following the common practice of Australian Universities, Macquarie has restricted the award of the University Medal to Honours students and we have awarded it in recognition of academic excellence throughout their studies. However, following the retirement of most of our Honours programs the University Medal has been orphaned, and we need to consider its place anew.

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