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Congratulations PACE!
AFR Award Winners

Macquarie’s Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) Program won the Employability Award at Tuesday night’s Australian Financial Review Higher Education Awards.

PACE units are now part of all Bachelors degrees at Macquarie and the PACE team have been working hard to enhance employability outcomes for Macquarie students.

It’s great to see these efforts formally recognised.

Well done Lindie Clark and the team!

Ideas From HERDSA2017

Two weeks ago the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia hosted HERDSA2017, a key conference on research and development in higher education. This year’s theme was “Curriculum Transformation” with presentations organised around practical implications, drivers and facilitators in curriculum transformation. A few colleagues from Macquarie and I enjoyed stimulating, eye opening and thought-provoking conversations.

Here is what I learned based on selected presentations I attended:

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Supporting Employability – Workshop for Academic Advisors

Sponsored by Australian Business Deans Council Learning and Teaching Network

We are fortunate to have Independent Higher Education Consultant, Lorna Froud, visiting Macquarie University to provide a free interactive workshop on Wednesday 5 July 2017 as follows:


An interactive workshop to give academic advisers/personal tutors an opportunity to develop and share good practice in order to provide timely, effective and appropriate support to students in the development of their critical self-awareness in support of their academic success and employability whilst at university.

Through a series of practical activities, participants will develop a deeper understanding of Critical Self-Awareness in the context of employability and what encourages students to develop effectively.  The aim is to provide a constructive forum for the exchange of ideas and sharing of good practice, as well as reassurance and some useful practical tools and resources.  Participants will also gain clarity on roles and boundaries, signposting and referral, and know what information and support is available.

By attending this session participants will be able to:

  • define what it is for students to be personally literate and critically self-aware in the context of employability and the graduate labour market
  • identify practical ways to foster students’ own development of their Critical Self-awareness for employability and academic success through the Academic Guidance process
  • make use of the support available from their university careers centre, aware of respective roles and boundaries, and knowing when to refer.

RSVP: denise.gillard@mq.ed.au

Lorna Froud   https://www.linkedin.com/in/lornafroud

Independent Higher Education Consultant

Lorna Froud was Head of Careers and Employment Centre at Oxford Brookes University, UK, during which time she also served on the Board of AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisors).  More recently she was Director of Careers and Employability at the University of Reading, UK.  She is now an independent consultant.

MGSM map
MGSM map

The Power of PACE: Transitioning from University to Employment

“It was great to be able to network with professionals in the industry I am interested in making a career of, and I’m currently considering a variety of further study options related to the work I completed on my placement.” Madelyn Hawken (Aspire Early Intervention) Continue reading The Power of PACE: Transitioning from University to Employment

Graduate Employability 2.0 2016 National Forum

Graduate Employability Forum 2016

The national Graduate Employability 2.0 forum will be held at QUT, Brisbane on September 16th. The forum is a free one-day event that brings together teachers, academic leaders, industry representatives, students and graduates to learn about authentic relationships and social capabilities for graduate employability. This event is part of Dr Ruth Bridgstock’s National Senior Teaching Fellowship with the Office of Learning and Teaching.

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Time to get LinkedIn? Profile Clinic for Staff 18 July

Academia.edu is often seen as the academic alternative, but there are also benefits to maintaining a profile on LinkedIn, one of the world’s fastest growing social networks. That’s why the Career and Employment Service are holding a LinkedIn profile review Clinic for staff on Monday 18 July!

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5 ways to boost student presentations: lessons learnt from a Startup Pitch competition

A couple of days ago I reflected on what it takes to win a student Startup Pitch competition. I decided to follow-up with 5 practical ideas on what we as educators can learn from such an event: how can we make in-class student presentations more ‘pitch-like’ (i.e. passionate and engaged)?

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How to win a student pitch contest: lessons from Macquarie’s Startup Pitch competition

10K up for grabs and 7 teams of aspiring entrepreneurs competing for judges’ attention. Not a scene from Shark Tank, but the Macquarie Startup Pitch Competition. What were the factors that gave the winning team the edge?

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