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Why The Shared Services Team Is The Secret Ingredient To Your Digital Media Needs

We can all agree that the use of purposefully produced digital media is an effective way to enhance the learning and teaching experience. However, have you ever considered where you might start? Without support, you may find the task of creating engaging and fit-for-purpose digital content daunting. The Shared Services Team is your secret ingredient!  Continue reading Why The Shared Services Team Is The Secret Ingredient To Your Digital Media Needs

Why create a Welcome Video?

How can you, as a convenor make students feel more positive about your unit and reduce student questions before the start of session?

95.7% of Macquarie students, surveyed in 2015, indicated that watching a welcome video, in which the lecturer introduces themselves and the unit content, would make them feel more positive about taking the unit. Unit convenors at Macquarie have also indicated that introductory videos are a useful tool for connecting with students before the unit starts and a means for reducing student questions before start of session:

Convenor A: My unit is a fully-online unit, so I think the most valuable was the introductory video – students could put a face to the name etc.

 Convenor B: I think that the visual exposure to the people teaching in the unit is valuable to students and also getting to know what the unit is going to be like

 Convenor C: I think that having the introductory video “set the scene” reduced the questions before the beginning of session. The ability to touch base with students and communicate the aims of the unit was great.

 As more and more students develop a first impression of a unit via iLearn sites, rather than via a face-to-face lecture, the question of how to greet students online becomes increasingly important.

Key take-aways:

  • reduce questions before start of session
  • students feel more positive about taking the unit
  • fosters greater connection between staff and students
  • establish expectations about unit and aims early on

 Need more convincing?

Research findings outside Macquarie University have also highlighted the positive and long-term effects of early connection with students through introductory or welcome videos. Reasons for this include:

  • Establish a sense of community from the first few weeks of your course. (Stott and Mozer, 2016)
  • A sense of belonging within higher education is a critical factor determining future retention rates of a course (O’Keeffe, 2013). A feeling of such belonging can emerge for a student from a relationship with a single key person (such as a Course Convenor or Professor) within a higher education institution (Adamopoulos, 2013).
  • Higher levels of students’ satisfaction with their university life, through early establishment of a warm, welcoming environment, as well as demonstration of care and acceptance of all learners, is associated with and related to higher teaching evaluations (O’Keeffe, 2013).

If you would like to create a short welcome video for students’ connection, retention and positive course evaluation, follow these 5 simple steps:

5 easy steps to create your unit’s Welcome Video

 STEP 1. Scripting

  • What do I want to say to my students in 2-3 minutes?
  • Why am I saying it? (credentials/passion about the topic)
  • Use a script template developed by Learning Designers and Media Producers
  • Take a look at this Lynda.com resource on scripting a video

STEP 2.  Set-up recording

Choose an approach:

  1. DIY
  2. Faculty Studios (contact your Faculty Learning Designer)
  3. LIH Ed Media Studios (contact your Faculty Learning Designer)

STEP 3: Make Video / Production Tips

STEP 4: Editing

  • Editing in Echo360 Personal Capture 
  • Tips for making a video using Windows Movie Maker
  •  Tips for making a video using iMovie
  •  Ask your Faculty’s Learning Designer or the Learning Innovation Hub’s Educational Media Producers for help with editing

STEP 5: Uploading

  •  Upload to iLearn and embed (See the Embedding Video and Audio Quick Guide)

Article written by Susanne Pratt and Natal’ya Galliott (Faculty Learning Designers), February 2017

Designing videos for learning – Workshop 30 June

Educational video is in a period of rapid growth for a variety of reasons.

Michael Rampe, LTC Educational Designer, will be presenting a workshop which will empower participants to look beyond lecture capture and talking head videos to the broader pedagogical possibilities enabled by modern educational media.

Continue reading Designing videos for learning – Workshop 30 June