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Designing videos for learning – Workshop 30 June

Educational video is in a period of rapid growth for a variety of reasons.

Michael Rampe, LTC Educational Designer, will be presenting a workshop which will empower participants to look beyond lecture capture and talking head videos to the broader pedagogical possibilities enabled by modern educational media.

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ePortfolios: Why the bad press?

ePortfolios will be an integral component of the new Bachelor of Clinical Science from next year, and the new Learning and Teaching Green Paper signals broader adoption might be on the horizon at Macquarie.  So what is an ePortfolio, and why do they sometimes get bad press? Professor Kirsty Forrest, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, offers her thoughts.

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A Love Letter to Lynda.com, and an Introduction for the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts is trialling a subscription to the online training resource library Lynda.com, a brilliant and wide-ranging library of video tutorials aimed at developing technical and professional skills. It’s really very difficult to convey how impressive and high calibre these training videos are. For those that know me, or technical problem solver Ollie Coady, both he and I have watched hours of these videos and can’t praise them enough.

lens Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.46.11 pm

Why would you use Lynda.com? Perhaps you see a growing value in creating rich media resources to present your teaching and research? Maybe you’re already experimenting with video, or putting a little extra effort into designing your lecture and conference slides? Maybe weekend photography is simply a hobby of yours, and you’d like to take your skills to the next level? There are literally hundreds of topics with well structured and presented videos that help you develop your professional teaching and production skills.

You might have watched some online training videos in the past dredged up from the dark recesses of YouTube, and are understandably skeptical of the format (“No, I don’t need you to spend 40 seconds of a 2 minute video showing me your logo animation, introducing yourself, your dog, and showing me how to open a file. Just get to the point!”) You’d know that the quality can be hit, but much more likely miss. The great thing about Lynda.com videos is that they’re designed from the ground up to be professional training resources, and scaffold very nicely over smaller modules to teach complex topics. There are different videos designed for different competencies, so beginners can learn the basics while advanced users can really hone their skills.

A quick glance over the subject areas will give you an idea of the breadth of courses available. In addition to some of the creative technical fields (video, web, photography etc.) and specific software packages, Lynda.com features an entire section on eLearning and Ed Tech (http://www.lynda.com/Education-training-tutorials/1792-0.html).

Go to the website, have a browse, see what’s available and maybe have click on some of the publicly available introductions to get a feel for it. If you’d like to see more, the Faculty has one subscription that we can loan out. Email me (philip.betts@mq.edu.au) and we can discuss sharing access with you.

At the risk of being an irrepressible rumour-monger, there are some quiet whispers amongst the LTC about maybe looking into considering potentially investigating purchasing a site-wide institutional license, so it’s not just Ollie and I who think these are fab. Check them out for yourself, then go forth and develop some mad skillz.

lynda logo Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.42.59 pm

Phil’s pick of the bunch: Foundations of Photography: Lenses – http://www.lynda.com/Photography-tutorials/foundations-of-photography-lenses/76336-2.html

Ollie’s pick of the bunch: WordPress Essential Training –http://www.lynda.com/WordPress-tutorials/WordPress-Essential-Training/154417-2.html 

Turnitin’s Plagiarism Education Week 20 – 24 April

Turnitin’s 2015 Plagiarism Education Week conference, Copy/Paste/Culture, examines how current global trends are affecting our values, especially those related to education, and proposes strategies on how we can address these challenges.

Join daily, free 45-minute webcasts devoted to sharing ideas and best practices with educators and students about plagiarism and academic integrity. Premier thought leaders will include educational experts, passionate educators and Turnitin All-Stars, all of whom will share their perspectives, lessons, and research.

For more information http://turnitin.com/en_us/resources/plagiarism-education-week




A little more than 60 seconds with Janet Greeley….

SO last week at MQ. What’s on the schedule?

A very full week – the days are full of meetings and the evenings are full of farewell events, including a dinner hosted by the Vice Chancellor, Peking duck out with friends, dinner with the Faculty Management team and, of course, my Faculty farewell on Thursday which also happens to be my birthday. My actual last day is 31 March.

Can you tell us a bit about the journey of how you ended up at MQ from Canada?

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Moving to paperless assignments in Maths: Does it add up?

Audrey Markowskei recently took on the tricky challenge of moving to paperless assignments in a Mathematics unit. Jorge Reyna from the LTC participated in the evaluation of various apps and platforms, as featured on Teche. In this post Audrey offers her own reflections on the trial.

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