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LTX – Students As Partners – Student Representatives Panel From FBE

For our first Learning and Teaching Exchange (LTX) event of 2017, we launch ‘Students as Partners’ – a series that will run throughout this year. A key strategy initiative in Connected Experiences of the Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework calls us to ‘promote students as partners and co-creators in their formal learning’.

In this LTX we will hear from a panel of student representatives in FBE that deliver feedback in their faculty, at the unit and department level on student experience and engagement – from group-work to teaching. There will also be an opportunity, in the second half of the event, to engage with the panel, so please bring along any burning questions you might have to do with student representation, and its potential in program development and student experience.

A Learning and Teaching Exchange (LTX) is a chance to connect with colleagues to open conversations about new ideas and strategic initiatives in learning and teaching, and practical ways to implement them. LTXs are a free exchange of ideas aimed at promoting communications across the learning and teaching community at Macquarie. The events are primarily aimed at teaching staff looking for practical ideas that are applicable in their own practice, or different ways to approach new strategic directions. Presenters are mostly practitioners who are implementing these new ideas, along with key champions within the community. We encourage a diversity of presenters, try to involve students as much as possible and involve external speakers from time to time. If you have ideas for an LTX, please contact geraldine.timmins@mq.edu.au.

Calling all entrepreneurs, developers, designers and all-round hack enthusiasts… 

Join the MPID Healthcare Hackathon to help transform the consumer healthcare industry. Use exclusive access to NAB’s healthcare data to uncover digital solutions to benefit consumers.

The MPID Healthcare Hackathon is a Macquarie Park Innovation District (MPID) initiative that brings together industry, students and entrepreneurs in the name of healthcare innovation.

This free event will be held at Macquarie University from Saturday 25 to Sunday 26 February 2017.

Come on your own or in a group. The hackathon will be an opportunity to network, develop skills and win cash prizes. Teams will also have the chance to work with the MPID incubator to commercialise their idea.

To register now or for more information visit: nab.co/healthhack

A Grand Tour of iLearn: Open iLearn initiative

Like 18th Century travellers embarking on a Grand Tour of Europe to broaden their perspectives, staff at Macquarie University from Monday 5 December, will have iLearn opened to them in the Open iLearn initiative. To start searching what iLearn has to offer, go here http://ilearn.mq.edu.au/course/search.php. If you’d like some ideas about which units to visit, read on.

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Digital ideas can be easy and engaging

There’s a myth I’d like to dispel, that using technology is hard and takes a lot of time. Technology and the use of digital tools can be easy to learn, adopt and implement in your teaching. Here’s where you can find some gold.

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When research + lab work creates an enriching student learning experience

How do you know when students are really engaged? You scan their brain!

emotive scannerBianca De Wit and David Kaplan will be sharing with the MQ community how they have used their research to create an active, completely engaging learning opportunity for students majoring in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. You will hear about how they have combined education, and neuroscience research to create an affordable, scalable and highly portable teaching lab.  Students are immersed in hands-on, exploratory research activities which give them a live window into the workings of the human brain, seeing the concepts in action.

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Partnering with (the power of) students

The power of students is unmistakeable. Apart from the sheer number present at universities, they make their voices heard through activism on campus, participation on university committees, and their very presence. It is a power that is often acknowledge in university communities but also, just as often, underutilized. Continue reading Partnering with (the power of) students

MoodleMooters – all about networks and sharing

What do you call a group of Learning Designers, System Analysts, System Administrator and a Developer? I’m not sure either but we are a group of five at MoodleMoot 2016 conference. What’s Moodle, you ask? Moodle is our online learning system, what we know as iLearn. Continue reading MoodleMooters – all about networks and sharing

Modelling Partnerships: Exploring a Whole of Region Approach to Partnership Development and Management

Catherine Ennis, Faculty PACE Manager in Faculty of Science and Engineering, has been awarded a PACE Development Grant, entitled, Modelling Partnerships: Exploring a Whole of Region Approach to Partnership Development and Management.

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