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Polished Documents Made Easy With Overleaf

Macquarie University Library has recently subscribed to a collaborative writing and publishing tool: Overleaf.  Using this tool, you can create, edit and share your research online. As part of this subscription all current Macquarie University students and staff are able to create a 20GB Pro+ account.   Continue reading Polished Documents Made Easy With Overleaf

How can evidence-based practice be embedded into a program?? Our story

What do we really want our graduates to be? What skills do we want them to acquire to become excellent practitioners? One answer to this question is that our graduates need to become ‘evidence-based’ practitioners and use the latest evidence in professional decision-making.

Dr. Andrew Davidson and Mary Simons share a great story of how they have been helping medical students to become ‘evidence-based’ clinicians.

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It’s all about impact. Open Access and signing that publishing deal.

You like the idea of as many people as possible being able to access, use and cite your work. This means getting your ideas out there quickly, so Open Access (OA) publishing is the model for you.

Visibility is what it’s all about: for your ideas, as well as your researcher profile and your career. Continue reading It’s all about impact. Open Access and signing that publishing deal.

Chance to win – complete survey on work-based learning

We are seeking feedback from staff and students on the opportunity to explore collaborations and new approaches to learning and work. We’re particularly interested in staff and students from Business, Marketing, Media, Education, Economics and Information Technology.

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Design Develop Implement: a team based approach

The Design Develop Implement (DDI) initiative is a “fantastic team-based approach and an exemplar for how learning innovation and design should happen at MQ” (Professor Sherman Young-PVC LTD).

DDI Learning Design Process

This year a team lead by Dr Panos Vlachopoulos and Deidre Seeto from the Learning and Teaching Centre piloted an evidence-based collaborative approach to program learning design and development. Continue reading Design Develop Implement: a team based approach

Increasing student engagement: The Student Voice

Why do some of our most exciting learning and teaching initiatives fail to gain traction, despite the thorough research, creative design and best efforts of talented people? It could be because we often forget to include the students in the planning process. This blog post by Sherman Young  proposes that we acknowledge our students as partners and co-creators of their own learning in order to increase engagement.

To get the ball rolling we recruited four Merit Scholars, each from a very different discipline and background, and sent them on a social investigation to gather thoughts about student engagement at Macquarie. They came back with an enormous bank of ideas, examples, and challenges from students relating to their experience at Macquarie, and the following themes resonated throughout:

Availability. The very best learning experiences these students have had stem from a single teacher being available to their students, maintaining an approachable nature and adopting an accessible style of communication and discourse. The prevailing sentiment was that the availability of these teachers seemed driven by a genuine passion for learning and teaching.

Communication.  The students unanimously agreed that the driest of subjects can be brought alive by a good lecturer, and it doesn’t have to involve cutting edge learning technologies or soaring levels of creativity. In fact, the students said that they would trade in all the extra stuff for a teacher with great presentation skills and a penchant for the material.

Connection to the outside world. This presented itself in a few different forms – students value industry connections, tangible job opportunities, and PACE units – but most simply, they value the sense that we’re learning with purpose here at Macquarie.

We will be exploring each of these themes, and others, at a panel discussion during L&T Week and will welcome questions and debate.  We invite you to come along and gain some honest, candid insight into the student experience at Macquarie. Registrations are essential – more details are available using the link below.

Tuesday 23 September, 2.15pm-3.15pm: “The Student Voice”


Using Google Drive for Collaboration

Jorge Reyna

by Jorge Reyna, Educational Designer working with the Faculty of Science at Macquarie University


Why is collaboration important for learning?
Collaboration can be defined as a coordinated, synchronous activity that is the result of an ongoing attempt to construct and maintain a shared conception of a problem (Alluri & Balasubramanian, 2006). It has also been identified as a necessary component of active learning. The benefits of collaboration include development of critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and discussion and consideration of ideas. Additionally, collaboration can help to understand cultural diversity and improve working with others. Social constructivist theory emphasises the importance of collaboration in the learning process. Learning is social and requires participation in a social process of knowledge construction (Kieser and Golden 2009).

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