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Moving to paperless assignments in Maths: Does it add up?

Audrey Markowskei recently took on the tricky challenge of moving to paperless assignments in a Mathematics unit. Jorge Reyna from the LTC participated in the evaluation of various apps and platforms, as featured on Teche. In this post Audrey offers her own reflections on the trial.

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Solving the Problem: Paperless Assignments in Maths

Equation - image courtesy Jorge ReynaMathematical equations and formulas are not easy to type on a typical computer keyboard. That is why students have never massively embraced software to write maths. Academics working in this area normally have to use sophisticated software based on LaTex (a mark-up language) to write mathematical formulas – something that has a steep learning curve.

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New TurnItIn iPad app

I just finished marking 17 learning contracts for the Faculty MRes Research Frontiers unit using the new TurnItIn iPad app.

iPad and cat, By Veronica Belmont https://www.flickr.com/photos/earlysound/

I must say it was an enjoyable experience marking while sitting on the balcony in the breeze.

It took essentially no time to learn how to use the app, the layout is great and there was no lag as I was connecting directly to TurnItIn and not going through iLearn. The app does suffer the usual draw backs associated with text rich stuff on the iPad – for me the main problem is getting the cursor in the right place to edit. Still, I was thoroughly impressed. It’s fast, easy and mobile – well worth a trial! As this is my first use, I will check how it looks on the big screen and report back.

From Mitch Parsell, Associate Dean Learning & Teaching, Faculty of Human Sciences