Special seminar on assessment and analytics

Like the idea of an ‘early alert system’ to help academic staff identify students at risk of failing?  What about a game in iLearn that could increase your students’ engagement and lift their assessment performance?  The Learning Technology Research Cluster proudly presents two engaging and pertinent presentations coming up on Tuesday 21st April.

What: Special seminar on assessment and analytics

Who: Chris Froissard, Amara Atif, Danny Liu, Robert Parker

When: 10-11am Tuesday 21st April

Where: C5A201

Session 1: Learning analytics for Student retention

Learning analytics has promised a lot and delivered little, so far. In this presentation we will give you an overview of a project at Macquarie University that modifies an existing tool to help teachers identify (and importantly) contact students that are “disengaged” and at risk of failing the course. It seeks to make identification and contacting of students an effective and efficient process. Specifically we will present research around the use of LMS indicators that can be used to identify students at risk. We will also share the results of the project to date. Finally we will also demonstrate the modified Moodle Engagement Analytics Plugin together with the concept of a Student Early Alert System.

Session 2: Collaborative inquiry and assessment using the Reading Game

Most people like games and play them from childhood throughout life. Many games have the ability to immerse players’ attention into what the learning literature calls “flow”, a temporary condition that subordinates the player’s awareness to achieving the challenges provided by the game. Competition is a powerful motivator in any endeavour. Epistemic games like the Reading Game use the same game design methods to motivate students to connect with any course’s content knowledge and achieve its learning outcomes. The game has proven effective for increasing student engagement in their subject and lifted assessment performance across the whole class in all delivery modes. The Reading Game is a crowd-sourced activity, so come prepared to play:

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