Show me the learning! Ascilite 2016

Connect with international and national researchers, fellow academic teachers, practitioners and the educational technology industry at ascilite 2016, Adelaide, 28-30 November.

The theme for ascilite 2016, Show me the learning, focuses attention on the demonstration of learning aided by the adoption of technology in the education space. The Call for submissions is now open.

“While in recent years we have witnessed a rapid uptake of technology in education, the evaluation and measurement of the impact of technology on teaching and learning outcomes is less well developed. It is critical that the sector addresses this deficit, to ensure that current and future technology enhanced learning initiatives are, and continue to be, conceptually, theoretically and empirically driven by solid pedagogical foundations. In an age where the rhetoric of techno-positivism abounds and permeates all facets of higher education, we must be optimistically cautious and rigorous in our claims concerning the degree of impact digital advances actually bring to the student experience.”


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