Reflecting to learn, learning to reflect

Reflection is a useful tool for encouraging learning, higher order thinking, and developing practical skills. But most learners need structured support to engage in reflection, and not all teachers are necessarily equipped to teach critical reflection.

The Macquarie University Reflection for Learning Centre has developed a suite of reflective resources, designed to help you with building structured support for reflection into your unit. Most of these activities are short (they can be undertaken in five minutes) and they can be used in compressed mode or in traditional 13-week units.

Each resource is provided as a template, accompanied with clear instructions, and a succinct explanation of the research underpinning the activity. We have categorised the resources into groups, by developmental stage: early reflection, intermediate reflection, and deep reflection. You can use them in your unit as they are, but we would also encourage you to adapt them as you see fit.

These resources will be available on our website very soon, but if you would like an advanced copy of the resources, please get in touch with Vanessa Fredericks at