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Raining rage down on that machine

Have you ever verbally or physically abused a machine?  If you answered yes, don’t worry because you are certainly not alone.  But have you ever wondered why?   Your answers are revealed by a psychotherapist, mechanical engineer, anger management specialist and pop culture professor in this blog post, Why do we take our anger out on machines?   You’ll have a happier weekend knowing it’s not just because you think you are bad with technology.

You’re welcome!

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2 thoughts on “Raining rage down on that machine”

  1. Thank you for making my morning, Rebecca! Just loved the video link to Percussive Maintenance!

    1. Thanks Lia, glad it made your morning! When I came across that post, I had to share it. I used to work with someone who would ‘flip the bird’ and scream profanities to her computer, it made me laugh every time, which only infuriated her more. I think we have all experienced Percussive Maintenance before and it is somewhat comforting to know there is a legitimate term for it!

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