Publishing your pedagogical research about PACE

Do you want to publish a paper about Professional and Community Engagement (PACE)? Do you know which conferences focus on work-integrated learning, cooperative learning, practice-based learning, service learning or other types of experiential learning?

There are lots of options available but the focus can differ depending on the location of the conference/journal and disciplinary background. For example, the US has a stronger focus on service learning, while the emphasis in Australia and New Zealand is on work-integrated learning and cooperative education. Some examples (drawn from websites) are:

Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) Conference

acenThe Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) is a professional association for practitioners and researchers from the higher education sector, industry, community and government representatives, involved in work integrated learning (WIL) in Australia. The ACEN Conference is held biennially, and the theme for this year’s conference (to be held in October 2014) is ‘Building Capacity’. Topics include building institutional capacity, leadership capacity, teaching and learning capacity for WIL programs, developing partnership or partner capacity for WIL opportunities and staff and student capacity building for WIL.

Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education

Asia Pacific JCE LogoThe Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education publishes peer-reviewed original research, topical issues, and best practice articles from throughout the world dealing with Cooperative Education (Co-op) and Work Integrated Learning/Education (WIL). The journal’s main aim is to allow specialists working in areas such as work-based learning, internships, experiential education, professional training and service learning, to disseminate their findings and share their knowledge for the benefit of institutions, co-op/WIL practitioners, and researchers.

Have you published in these places? Do you know of other journals or conferences?

The LTC PACE team have developed a resource containing information and direct links to these and other conferences and journals relevant to PACE for 2014.

Do you want to discuss your PACE research with others? Would you like to know what other research is happening in PACE? If so, then come to a PACE Pedagogy Research Workshop, where you can meet likeminded people interested in learning and teaching research related to PACE.

– By Dr Anna Rowe and Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto