PSY224 Psychology, Health and Wellbeing Redesign


This Session 1, 2015 FPP project centred around transforming the existing face-to-face weekly lecture to recorded online videos (lectures), to be carefully interwoven with 'virtual patient' scenario videos, online activities, expert interviews videos, quizzes and additional video and content components. The project team collaborated on the design and development of the interactive online environment, with support for the academic in creating opportunities in the unit for students to engage with content and to reflect on what they are learning. The aim of the redesign into a more flipped, blended delivery mode was to enable students to access current and relevant resources more effectively and to directly integrate these within their lecture material and face-to-face tutorials.

A very successful aspect of this project was not only the redesign of PSY224 unit within a blended online delivery mode but also an expansive range of videos that were produced to enhance student understanding of the content. A particularly innovative result of the project was producing a video series of experts addressing specific aspects of the unit and a virtual patient scenario video, which involved recording an unfolding story of a patient and her cancer diagnosis and treatment. The result of this process was a wealth of videos being produced and incorporated with relevant lecture material to engage and enhance the learning experience. This project was successfully managed by LTC Educational Developer Lee Mowbray.

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