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Pet Therapy – Meet Mila the Beaglier

What better way to start the week than with a healthy dose of cuteness?

Watercooler’s new series, Pet Therapy, continues!

Meet Mila, the furbaby of our colleague Alice Lee, Learning Adviser with Learning Skills.  Mila is an incredibly cute Beaglier (Beagle + Cavalier mix) who loves to do puppy things!  Although experiencing the trials of toilet training, Mila has been a joyous addition to the Lee family.  Mila_Lee

One of the  many great things about having a dog, especially a puppy, as part of your family is that you suddenly make a lot of new acquaintances at the park or people on the street who just want to stop to  have a pat and a chat.  I find it really interesting, the way that people react to you when you have a dog compared to without!   Just to turn things back to Samuel for a moment, we have a neighbour who is not remotely interested in talking to my partner or myself but always makes a point of talking to Samuel.  She never seems to recognise us but she can spot the ‘mu (one of his many nicknames) from a mile off!

A big congratulations to Alice and her family on the addition of Mila, we hope you have many fun and love filled years together!

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