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Do you know an outstanding PACE student?

As we head towards the end of another jam-packed year at Macquarie, PACE is on the look out for a new cohort of amazing experiences to recognise with the annual Professor Judyth Sachs PACE Prizes.

UPDATE: Deadline extended to Sunday 1 March 2015

Applications are now open for the 2014 PACE prizes and all staff members are urged to encourage suitable students to apply.

For the last three years PACE has provided Macquarie students with the opportunity to go beyond the lecture theatre and delve into their careers way before they graduate. Through numerous local, regional and international opportunities PACE offers students invaluable work and life skills that set them apart from other graduates and provide them with a deeper knowledge of the world and their place in it.

The annual Professor Judyth Sachs PACE Prizes award students for these outstanding achievements and previous years have seen a wide spectrum of activities acknowledged from across all faculties and disciplines, including both individual and group projects as well as short and long-term activities.

“More than a Bonus”

In 2013, Anooshka Niles was one such student awarded for her PACE experience with The String Movement. Over 13 weeks Anooshka worked with the small not-for-profit to help advocate against bullying. She described her experience as “the best part of my media degree.”

As a media student, Anooshka confirmed that PACE provided her with “the opportunity to amalgamate my theoretical media knowledge with media practice and have the satisfaction of making a practical difference through my internship.”

“For me personally, the internship was incredibly beneficial because I was able to develop a public relations campaign putting my theoretical knowledge into practice in a real life situation, learn new skills in using and managing social media platforms in creating dialogue with stakeholders and see it all come together in a powerful way.”

As mentioned by Anooshka, “to be awarded a prize for something that I thoroughly enjoyed doing is more than a bonus.”

Winners of the Prize receive a monetary award and all recipients will have the Prize recorded on their academic transcript.

How to apply

Students can apply any time between now and 1 March 2015.

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