Open Access week activities (24 – 28 October)

If a material is open access, the copyright owner has made the material publicly accessible and has given blanket permission to users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, link to, crawl through, index or otherwise use the material in all or most circumstances.

Read on to find out what we have planned for Open Access week at Macquarie University.

Some of the questions you might have:

Why open access?

What is creative commons?

How do I negotiate with publishers?

How do I share my creative output, and also protect my copyright?

How do I find open access journals?

Won’t open access put publishers out of business?

Schedule of activities:
  • Monday, 24 October, 9am – 5pm:  Booth in Central Courtyard.  There will be cupcakes and other goodies!
  • Tuesday, 25 October, 9am – 1pm:  Drop-in clinic at the Library for Open Access and copyright questions.
  • Wednesday, 26 October, 11am – 12pm: “Open Access Explained”  presentation. Bookings:
  • Thursday, 27 October, 1pm – 5pm:  Drop-in clinic at the Library for Open Access and copyright questions.
Other activities:

In celebration of Open Access Week 2016 we will be taking and sharing ‘O’ photos, licensed under Creative Commons(CC) licenses, on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #OisforOpen

Not a photographer? openAccessThat’s ok! Find an image of an ‘O’  already licensed under a CC license and share it on Twitter or Instagram using #OisforOpen

More information:

Read the Macquarie Open Access blog to find out more. You might also want to read information from the Australasian Open Access Strategy Group