“The New Age of Polaroids Part I” by Mike Finkelstein 2009 CC BY 2.0

Nice shot! Introducing Teche Project Snapshots

Ever wished there was a handy repository of great stuff that Macquarie people are doing in learning and teaching?

Now there is! In the form of the Teche Project Snapshots section:


Search for inspiration from completed Macquarie learning and teaching grant and FPP projects with diverse project foci, including Flipped Classroom, Gamification and 3D.

Project snapshots
Use the drop-down menu to select a focus and bring up matching projects

The snapshots give you a quick overview of the project, often including a video featuring the academics involved, with a link out to the full project report should you want to dig deeper.

Project missing?

We’ll be adding new projects regularly, but if you have a project you want to share with the community you are most welcome to email us at teche.ltc@mq.edu.au.

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