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New to Teaching? Discover how to make your tutorials incredible…

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Learning and Teaching Centre’s workshop “New to Teaching: the first tutorial” on Tuesday 3 March, we have scheduled another.

Come and join Dr Agnes Bosanquet as she talks about techniques and styles of teaching and how to make your tutorial a great experience. There will be time for questions and discussion during this session.

Details are: Tuesday 3 March, 2.30pm-4pm in E6A 116. To register for this workshop, please click here.

This workshop is suitable for all teaching staff and those participating in the Tutoring Induction Program (TIP).

One thought on “New to Teaching? Discover how to make your tutorials incredible…”

  1. Hi Kimberley

    I’ve just noticed that both workshops have the same date – 3rd March. Have anymore workshops been planned?

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