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Need support? Come to the iLearn drop-in clinic

The iLearn Drop-in Clinic is back!

Staff are welcome to swing by  the drop-in clinic for support with anything to do with iLearn.  On hand will be our friendly team of resident experts to have you prepared for Session 1.

Get help with:

  • iTeach – iLearn Spaces (in plain English, creating/activating your iLearn unit for the new session)
  • iTeach – Unit Guides
  • Echo360 (timetabled lectures continue to be automatically recorded – audio/screen capture depending on timetabled room facilities)

Staff new to iLearn are encouraged to attend iLearn Basics workshops or take our online training offerings, we also run Teaching in iLearn for Tutors workshops.  See the LTC Workshops booking page for details and to register.

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