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Award-winning Reading Game now in iLearn

The award-winning Reading Game is now in Moodle core and will soon be available to all staff at Macquarie University as a standard games-based learning activity that can be used in any iLearn unit. In the interim you can request it for your unit via a OneHelp ticket to the iLearn team with your unit code:

The Reading Game is a question and answer game played by a class of students based on the course curriculum. The aim of this game is to make learning fun and challenging at the same time and taking advantage of the widely reported enthusiasm students have shown for game play.

Adding the Reading Game to your unit of study

To add a game:

  1. Click Turn editing on.
  2. Go to the week/topic you want to add the game to. It is best to locate it in the first topic.
  3. Click Add an activity or resource and select Reading Game.
  4. Scroll down and Click Add.Add-an-activity
  5. Click Expand all to display the game’s name, description and pre-set points system. Change the points to modify game behaviours. Or just leave the pre-sets and make some changes later if required.
  6. Give the game a meaningful name that relates to your course. The description is not displayed in the unit and can be used for private notes.
  7. Assign Start Week (YYYYWW) for the game. For example, 201510 is the 10th calendar week of 2015. The default is now. The End Week defaults to 15 weeks from now.
  8. The remaining options can be left as the defaults for setting up a basic game. Click Save and return to unit.

Once you have created the Reading Game it will appear in the week/topic where you created it. For example…

appearanceThe Reading Game also has a management function that allows teachers to monitor activity, analyse data and to stimulate student activity.

For a complete guide to the Reading Game, please download the Activity-ReadingGame-Guide.compressed

For assistance with using the Reading Game in your iLearn unit, please log your request through Onehelp.

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