Is Macquarie ready for the Virtual Learning Commons?

Imagine a world where any content you create for learning and teaching is able to be shared instantly with the university community, or beyond…

It is closer than you might think – but are we ready?

What are we talking about when we talk about a “Learning Commons”?

“As a technologist,” says the LTC’s James Hamilton, “it’s easy to assume that the Learning Commons is a piece of software that we just turn on and use, however we should think about it as ‘Virtual Village Commons’, a place where people come together to meet and to achieve common and individual outcomes. The Macquarie Learning Commons should involve technology like iShare and other systems like the Library’s MultiSearch, but it’s not just software.”

“As we continue to create semi-permeable boundaries with our learning and research partners…the Learning Commons would be a place where our partners across the street and across the world could share in the development of content and resources with our students and our researchers.” (Read more from James here).

The development of the Macquarie Learning Commons as a place – or a set of places, virtual and physical – for the Macquarie community to share and learn, will require cooperation and collaboration across the community, within the University and beyond

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Come and join a discussion at Learning and Teaching Week with some key members of the University’s learning community and help shape the path of this important new strategic direction. The discussion aims to explore and highlight different perspectives on the “Learning Commons”  and consider the challenges we face in realising its potential at Macquarie. In short, “Are we ready for this?”

Roundtable Discussion: Are we ready for the Virtual Learning Commons?
Tuesday 15 September
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