is here!

Many Macquarie staff already know and love – heck, one of us has already written it a love letter. But have you heard the BIG news: all staff and students now have unlimited access!

1. Who’s Lynda again? is a vast online video learning library. It offers thousands of quality videos and video-based courses in software, business and creative skills. Read more here.

2. What’s the deal here?

Macquarie now has a site-wide licence that provides unlimited access for all students and staff (you’d have to pay a monthly subscription of on average $34.99 to get the same access yourself!). As well as watching videos, you can create and share playlists with other Macquarie staff and students. You can access from anywhere – from campus, from home or even on your mobile.

3. How do I access it?

Instructions are available hereYou can also search for and access videos through the Library’s MultiSearch platform. Access is via OneID.

4. What could I use it for?

The possibilities are vast, for example:

  • Help students improve essential software skills, like Excel
  • Provide a playlist to students on presentation skills ahead of a class presentation
  • Use the videos to help you redesign a unit with a Flipped Classroom approach
  • Develop your own leadership or project management skills
  • Indulge your secret wish to become a DJ or an Instagram star in your spare time

6. Can I use the videos in iLearn?

You can add a link to a video in iLearn, just as you would any other url.

7. I’m in.  When can I start using it?

Right now! Access is already available to all students and staff. And please spread the word amongst your colleagues. We’ll also be advertising to students through Orientation in the lead up to Session 2.

8. What do I do if something goes wrong?

Visit the support pages – see

9. Who do I contact for more info about the rollout at Macquarie?

The rollout is being jointly managed by the Learning Innovation Hub and the Library. Contact or

Look out for more tips and ideas for using coming soon on Teche!

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